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Westcott Distribution April 6, 2011

"We have been working with both Regulatory and Enforcement Personnel at the Worker Health and Safety Branch of DPR since last year to ensure that the CCS-8600 meets all of the director’s criteria for a Closed Liquid Pesticide System. This new system is the latest example of our commitment to meet the needs of the marketplace which demands environmentally responsibly, simple to use products," said Nancy Westcott, president, GoatThroat Pumps. "This also demonstrates our ability, as a global leader in environmentally preferable liquid transfer solutions, to deliver significant products that address local and regional regulations."
The new CCS-8600 System is the latest addition to GoatThroat’s line of pumping solutions to improve worker safety be providing spill-free, environmentally safe transference of virtually any chemical or liquid.  Using GoatThroat Pumps transfer technology as the base, Westcott created a tool which not only meters the pesticide being used at the rates established on the pesticide labels, but also, in the rinse cycle, simultaneously washes the sides of the container while delivering rinsate out to the mix tank.  
Until now, Category 1 pesticide users have had to create their own systems with varying degrees of compliance. With five simple-to-connect pieces, this complete kit will finally allow Category 1 pesticide users to meet the strictest interpretation of the Closed System Requirements.  California’s DPR Enforcement Branch seeking to increase compliance with worker safety requirements, The CCS-8600 comes just in time for the 2011 growing season. With a five to 10 year life expectancy, the system, which can be repaired by the user, will not be thrown away into the landfill as have so many other previous partial solutions.

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