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Domino Paver and Anglia Edger

Hardscape, Pavers

Belgard April 11, 2012

Belgard Hardscapes has released the new Domino Paver Collection and Anglia Edger. Released regionally in 2011, these two new collections are now available nationwide.
Designed to provide a dimensional paver surface with reduced installation time and waste, Domino Paver offers the look and texture of natural stone with an installation design based on an actual domino. With one rectangular shape and three different scoring patterns, Domino Paver offers the illusion of a multi-dimensional paver installation without the hassle of multiple shapes. Offering the design flexibility of multiple laying patterns, Domino Paver can be used as a surface for walkways, patios, pool decking, and residential driveways.
Garden wall units and bullnose concrete edging have long been standard ways to edge a paver field. But as homeowners trend towards a more modern, manicured look, the 8" height of Anglia Edger allows for installation on the same base as the pavers to form a clean, raised edge. Designed for edging driveways, patios, walkways, and creating low-profile planter walls, the chiseled finish of Anglia Edger offers the look of natural stone without the cost. As an added benefit, the height and thickness of Anglia Edger allows it to be used to create natural-form steps.