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VAST Composite Detail Pavers

Pavers, Landscape Materials

VAST Enterprises April 15, 2011

VAST Enterprises announced the introduction of its new VAST Composite Detail Pavers. These wedge-shaped and half-size pavers are accessory pieces that complement 4x8-inch VAST Composite Landscape and Permeable Pavers and the 16x16-inch VAST Installation Grids. VAST designed them to make it easier and faster to install curves and other paver patterns in walkways, building entryways, courtyards, terraces, and patios.

When contractors install patterns with VAST Composite Pavers, they can use exact wedge and half pavers manufactured uniformly at the factory.
Like all VAST composite masonry products, the new accessory pieces are manufactured in VAST’s composite material: an engineered composite of post-consumer recycled rubber and plastics that offers a green alternative to molded concrete and clay brick.