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Logical Engine releases Estimate Rocket

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Platform for creating estimates or invoices is now available for free trial.

| June 25, 2014

BOSTON – Logical Engine announced Tuesday the general release of Estimate Rocket, a platform for creating estimates and invoices from any device.

Since Estimate Rocket's limited release early this year, users have already invoiced more than $1,000,000 in sales. Now anyone can sign up for a free 30 Day Trial through their website.

All the tools in the palm of your hand.

Estimate Rocket allows companies of any size to increase their sales and streamline their operations by generating professional estimates, work orders, invoices and receipts quickly and from anywhere. Users can easily create searchable client and project lists to stay on top of all of their prospects.

Any service contractor can use Estimate Rocket and also partner with industry leaders to create templates that simplify complex industry calculations for estimators.

Logical engine customers have generated more than 15,000 estimates. Within the first four months of Estimate Rocket’s release, contractors have invoiced more than $1,000,000.

Features of Estimate Rocket Standard:

  • Estimates & Invoices – Create clean, professionally branded documents in seconds. Users can add pictures and email to clients instantly. The system verifies each email delivery.
  • Detailed Reports – Track and monitor your key business information with easy to access, powerful reporting tools. Quick access to how much you sold, how much customers owe you and how many pending and open work orders you have.
  • Collaboration – Connect your team by adding additional users to the system. Users receive their own unique login along with abilities to create or be assigned projects.
  • Desktop & Mobile Access – In the office or out in the field, users are always connected through any web browser. There's no software to download or updates to install; Estimate Rocket is always up and running.

    Features of Estimate Rocket PRO:
  • Integrated Scheduling – Keep your business focused by scheduling jobs and setting reminders using an integrated calendar. Assign tasks to employees and keep tabs on the progress of projects.
  • Lead Management – Providing great service is all in the details. Estimate Rocket has the tools to help you keep track of each client's needs. Easily pull up any client's information, add notes, create custom tags or set reminders for follow-ups.
  • Project Mapping – Optimize your routes with visualized locations of your projects with one click mapping. Get directions with Google Maps and find the shortest route to any project instantly.
  • Email Templates – Define email templates for Estimates, Invoices, Receipts, and more, so you can send an email with a single click. Add specific terms, conditions and messages, attach documents, and more.


For more information about Estimate Rocket or to set up a free trial, click here.

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