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ValleyCrest forms strategic water management partnership with Weathermatic

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Integrated landscape service firm selects innovative smart irrigation control provider as preferred partner.

| August 4, 2010

DALLAS – ValleyCrest Landscape Companies announced that it has selected Weathermatic as a preferred provider for smart, or weather-based, irrigation controllers. Weathermatic’s SmartLine irrigation controllers act as a “thermostat for the landscape” and help companies solve landscape irrigation water use issues.

 “ValleyCrest is partnering with Weathermatic because we understand the importance of water management for our customers and also the need to simplify the application of complex technologies onto our customers’ properties,” says Roger Zino, president of ValleyCrest Landscape Maintenance. “After an extensive product review and testing process in which our water management technology team evaluated a wide range of solutions, we determined that Weathermatic’s products and services were a good match for the needs of many of our customers.”

Smart controllers adjust irrigation watering times based upon actual weather conditions, for example watering less when cloudy and cool and more when warmer and drier. By appropriate application and management of smart controller technologies, in combination with other water management practices including drought tolerant plantings, use of drip irrigation, hydrozoning, and storm water management techniques, ValleyCrest can make significant differences in the amount of water used on the properties it services.

“We are honored to receive the preferred partner designation and team up with an innovative market leader such as ValleyCrest to save billions of gallons of water together,” says Mike Mason, president and CEO of Weathermatic. “We designed SmartLine for the exact purpose ValleyCrest is offering it – reliability, accuracy and affordability. Having supplied ValleyCrest for decades, and most recently on a grand scale at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium, our companies have a long-standing relationship with a synergistic benefit to ValleyCrest customers.”

Smart irrigation is gaining in popularity for many reasons – it reduces water bills for property owners, improves plant health and minimizes water-related damage to roads, sidewalks and other site elements. Studies show that without proper water management systems in place a property typically is overwatered by 30 percent.

“Commercial owners and managers are proactively managing their expense structures and expect to achieve strong returns on the investments they make into their properties. It is our job to identify for them opportunities to improve their sites consistent with these needs as well as the safety, aesthetic and functional requirements of each property. Smart controllers are a smart investment for most sites and we are excited to partner with Weathermatic to deliver for our customers,” says Zino.

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