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Home News Rain Bird ESP-RZX Controller geared to eliminate callbacks.

Rain Bird ESP-RZX Controller geared to eliminate callbacks.

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Online training videos for the product can be accessed anytime.

| September 11, 2012

TUCSON, AZ (August 27, 2012) — The Rain Bird ESP-RZX, has been designed to be a residential controller that’s quick for contractors to program and simple for homeowners to understand.

“The ESP-RZX is one of the fastest controllers for a contractor to program on the market today,” said Jed Price, Rain Bird’s product manager for controllers. ”However, as a former contractor, I think that the best part of this controller is the fact that Rain Bird has taken on the burden of training the homeowner on its use. This frees contractors to move on to the next job quickly and greatly reduces the number of callbacks to the site.”

To teach homeowners how to use the ESP-RZX, Rain Bird created short, easy-to-understand online training videos that can be accessed, 24/7, 365 days a year. A sticky note on the front of all new ESP-RZX controllers directs customers to a specific website for training. A permanent reference sticker on the controller includes both the website address and a scannable QR code that takes customers directly to the homeowner reference website on their web-enabled mobile devices.

“Setting up the controller is very similar to using a television DVR – something with which most people are quite familiar,” Price explained. “However, homeowners who have questions or want more instructions can view our videos at their convenience. Even better, they have a permanent reminder of these videos that they can see each time they look at the controller.”

Available in four, six and eight zone models, the ESP-RZX includes a number of time-saving features that enable contractors to quickly complete the installation process and move on to the next job. The controller is programmable under battery power, allowing contractors to program it anywhere and anytime it’s most convenient for them. Contractor Rapid Programming automatically copies the watering start times and dates from zone one to all other zones during the controller’s initial set-up, just like any traditional controller. Zone-to-zone copying makes it possible to copy a zone program to the next zone, and Contractor Default™ saves a contractor’s custom program into the ESP-RZX’s memory—each with only two pushes of a button. Other programming features include six user-defined start times per zone, flexible watering day options per zone and a weather sensor bypass for all zones or by individual zone.

“The ESP-RZX is one of the only residential controllers available that uniquely answers the homeowner callback issue,” Price said. “By creating a controller with programming that matches the way a homeowner thinks, we’re helping contractors save time and money, while improving their customers’ overall experience. It’s a win-win situation.”

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