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Unique Lighting Systems October 10, 2013

Light Logic Wireless Control System. Quickly automate low voltage lighting and other landscape features- all in an easy-to-install wireless system. Best of all, it installs into new or existing lighting systems. Control up to four scenes and each scene can control up to 250 devices. Great for use with Unique Lighting System transformers, outdoor water features and seasonal lighting. Set-up is easy with astronomical timing, Light Logic auto adjusts dusk and dawn times by location and seasonal changes. Consisting of three components including a programing module, a handheld remote and a power control unit that wirelessly controls any 120V device. The system is has the unique ability to wirelessly control BOTH lighting transformers and irrigation controllers from a single remote. A simple toggle on the hand held remote switches between "Lighting Mode" and "Irrigation Mode.” In the “Irrigation Mode”, the hand held remote controls Irritrol's irrigation controllers for easy troubleshooting, extra watering, or overriding the controller.

FLEX Series LED Lamps. See the latest in LED lamp technology including color temperature comparisons, various lumen output and our newest 24V lamps. FLEX Series LED Lamps continue to lead the industry with excellent lighting quality, strong lumen output and flexibility to retrofit into existing installations.

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