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Hunter Industries October 18, 2013

Hunter MP800SR
The MP800SR allows the MP Rotator to reach a radius setting as low as 5 feet and up to 12 feet. The precipitation rate remains constant across all arc and radius settings at 0.8”/hr. The MP800SR will be offered in two SKUs: the MP800-SR-90 for a 90-210 arc model, and the MP800-SR-360 full circle model.

Hunter Micro Irrigation Emitters
Hunter emitters apply water slowly and directly to the plant, ensuring every drop is put to efficient use. Available in three convenient inlets: self-piercing barb, 10/32 thread, and ½" female thread. The barb and 10/32 thread models are offered in .5, 1, 2, 4, and 6 GPH models; the ½" female threaded model is available in 1 and 2 GPH. This wide range of flow rates offers you the flexibility to give individual plants and trees the right amount of water from a single emitter. Emitters are color-coded for fast flow identification and feature coined edges for easy gripping during installation. An optional diffuser cap helps gently distribute water and protects the emitter from external debris. Assembled by Hunter in the USA, these emitters enhance both water and operational efficiency in any micro-irrigation zone.

Booth 915


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