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New Bandit Productivity Package

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Bandit Industries Inc. November 4, 2010

Bandit Industries has added the Productivity Package, powered by MasterTrak, to its product offering. This asset management tool communicates directly with the engine and monitors engine and equipment problems, reducing costly, unexpected failures that impact your bottom line. This Productivity Package is standard on all new whole tree chippers and horizontal grinders, and is available as an option for the stump grinder and hand-fed chipper line. The MasterTrak Productivity Package can also be added to existing units out in the field.
    Remote diagnostics provided by the Productivity Package have demonstrated savings in:
• Reduced breakdowns
• Improved preventive maintenance scheduling based on usage
• Improved vehicle utilization rates
• Reduced repair costs
• Improved technician productivity
    The Productivity Package allows for run-time reports, which summarizes run hours and alarm counts, so you can quickly identify problems. An on-line display of equipment condition and alarm history helps reduce unnecessary trips to the site. Alert notifications assist in preventing equipment abuse by sending out automated email notifications for alarms and fault codes. The GPS Mapping feature, known as ‘Bread Crumbs’, allows you to track your machine from job to job, aides in theft recovery, and provides maps and driving directions for efficient logistics.

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