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Mowers, Mowers Zero Turn

Cub Cadet Commercial November 7, 2011

The all-new TANK LZ and TANK SZ zero turn riders include features like a sloped-nose deck design system that includes re-optimized and reinforced pulley, belt and drive system, smooth arc overlapping blades, and a high-velocity airflow dispersion design. The TANK SZ (which denotes Steering wheel Zero turn) delivers improved imperformance even on steep inclines due to Cub Cadet’s exclusive 4-wheel steering technology (patented as Synchro Steer Technology).

The TANK LZ (which denotes Lap-bar Zero turn) features a lap bar system that allows for a full range of adjustability and rider egress regardless of position. Lifetime warranty on the Extreme Duty Rail Frame, which is a full-length, beam rail system that is stronger than tube frames and features 3/8-inch steel. Both riders feature advanced driver ergonomics and controls: EVC (elasticity vibration control) seating system, intuitive controls, power steering and tool-free adjustability of lap bar.