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Hustler X-ONE and Super Z

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Hustler Turf Equipment November 8, 2010

Hesston, Kan. – Hustler Turf Equipment has introduced new and redesigned products as well as new mowing deck technology.

Here are the products:

Hustler X-ONE
The X-ONE, a commercial mower, updates the Hustler Z with components and Hustler’s new deck with VX4 technology. Production started recently on the X-ONE and is beginning to arrive in the Hustler dealer network.

Super Z
The Next Generation Super Z uses industrial grade components on this line of mowers. The new Super Z also features Hustler’s new VX4 deck. Look for the Super Z in dealer showrooms, January 2011.

VX4 Technology
Hustler recently developed the VX4 deck technology. Velocity: The progressively larger tunnel in front of the blades, along with a wider discharge opening, moved grass through the deck faster resulting in greater discharge dispersion. Volume: Higher air and grass volume throughout results in less material carried in the cutting chambers. This allows higher ground speed without compromising cut quality. Vacuum: Superior cut quality due to grass being better lifted during cutting. Versatility: Adjustable front inner wall allows deck performance to be optimized for all grass conditions and seasons

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