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TCI Expo kicks off

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Vendors express optimism after the show’s first day.

Brian Horn | November 12, 2010

The first day of the TCI Expo 2010 in Pittsburgh went well, with many vendors reporting positive results. While some said the morning started slow, traffic picked up in the afternoon with one vendor making a $500,000 sale.  Attendees (final attendance was 2,102) were also positive, but still a little hesitant about saying their businesses are completely back on track.

The show started with keynote speaker, John Spence, a business consultant, giving attendees tips on how to better run their business. Spence said praising employees for a job well done is one step in creating a better company culture. He said disengaged employees can reduce your revenue by 22 percent, but engaged employees can raise revenue by 18 percent.

While having cash flow is important to a business, Spence said, the fastest way to go out of business is to take in clients that aren’t ideal customers for your company.

During the educational sessions, Sharon Douglas with the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station spoke to attendees about disease diagnosis and eco-friendly management. Maintaining healthy, attractive ornamental and shade trees and a healthy environment are primary objectives of tree care professionals, but identifying diseases and development of eco-friendly programs for managing tree health can be challenging.

She said the best way to identify diseases is to identify the tree, then determine what is abnormal, followed by obtaining background information and history and finally, identifying the casual factor or collecting samples to submit to a specialist for identification.

New products on display at the expo include:

The Husqvarna 562 XP chainsaw has X-Torq, which is advanced engine technology that combines high performance with up to 20 percent better fuel economy and up to 75 percent lower exhaust emissions. The AutoTune feature automatically adjusts the chainsaw’s operation, based on temperature, humidity, altitude, fuel type and air filter condition. RevBoost is an engine feature that increases the chain speed in short spurts, for extra efficient de-limbing.

IML showcased the Resistograph PD-Series (Power Drill) electronic instrument for demanding applications. It has drilling depths of 200 mm up to 1.500 mm, feed speed of 250 cm/min and aluminum grip housing with integrated system guidance. The electronic unit is protected in waterproof, high quality stainless steel housing, and the product also comes with an exchangeable 18-volt Li-Ion battery. There is also a USB 2.0 and Bluetooth interface and a high range for the Bluetooth connection of up to 150 meters.

PHOSCAP is a special formulation of highly water soluble phosphate and potassium designed to stimulate tree foliage. It provides Phosphate for plant vigor and root enhancement and Potassium for cell strength and rigidity. PHOSCAP aids in plant health tolerance to heat, cold and drought.  

It also reduces plant stress, enhances overall health and increases resistance to disease. Designed to remain safely inside the tree, the contents are delivered “systemically” throughout the tree with the sap flow. Within a few weeks the outer bark will callous over the implant site, leaving no empty containers. Ten implants will effectively treat up to a 14- inch trunk diameter.

The show runs until Saturday.


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