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Green Lawnger Brand Turf Colorants

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Becker Underwood, Inc. January 31, 2011

The Green Lawnger family of products offer turf care professionals the following turf care solutions:  
•    Green Lawnger with ColorLock technology: The original turfgrass paint and divot mix colorant for year-round applications in all turfgrasses.
•    Lineman Pro Green: The only green turfgrass colorant approved for application on NFL® natural turf playing fields. Specifically formulated with low ‘rub off’ characteristics, it minimizes discoloration of professional sports team uniforms and equipment.
•    Graphics: A custom turfgrass colorant designed specifically for the natural coloration of warm season grasses. It is ideally suited for hybrid and new ultradwarf Bermuda grasses as well as zoysia grass.
•    Transition: A new advanced UV heat-absorbing colorant that produces a very dark green color on turfgrass. Retaining radiant energy during low photoperiods, it creates elevated soil-surface temperatures to delay the effects of plant dormancy in late fall. Conversely, when applied in early spring, Transition promotes rapid turfgrass green-up and jump starts the playing season.
•    Vision Pro: A new advanced spray colorant technology, Vision Pro is for turf managers who want uniform applications of plant protection products, with the added benefit of a long-lasting natural green color that resists the effects of UV degradation.

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