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Lawn & Landscape Staff | December 4, 2013

Altoz XC Zero-Turn Mowers

The pitch: The 2014 Altoz XC Series of zero-turn mowers is the flagship line from a new brand of mowers built by an experienced team of engineers and lawn care industry professionals.

  • They can reach speeds of 19 mph.
  • The tapered roller bearings in the front casters are the same ones used in the automotive industry.
  • Deck spindles feature massive cast-aluminum housings for optimal cooling and permanently sealed bearings with machined surfaces for extra durability.

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Caterpillar D Series Skid-Steers

The pitch: Caterpillar is rolling out four new D Series Skid-Steer Loaders and updating two current D Series machines to create the new D Series line.

  • Features a completely redesigned cab, a new lift arm design for improved sight lines and increased engine performance.
  • The Cat D Series line now encompasses six skid-steer loader models ranging in rated operating capacity from 1,800 pounds to 3,700 pounds.
  • The 236D and 242D are mid-size frame models and can be as narrow as 60 inches.

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Hunter I-Core 3.0 with Built-in Solar Sync Compatibility

The pitch: Hunter Industries enhanced the I-Core advanced irrigation controller, with the release of its 3.0 operating system.

  • The controller now has built-in compatibility with the Hunter Solar-Sync climate sensor, allowing automatic self-adjustment for changing weather conditions.
  • Allows all sensor setup functions from the main control panel.
  • The installer can specify a number of days before the controller switches to automatic adjustment mode.

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