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J.J. Mauget Co. November 5, 2010

Stay in Step with Nature in the Fight Against EAB

Developed by the Canadian Forest Service, under worldwide license to Canada-based BioForest Technologies Inc. and distributed in the U.S. by Mauget , TreeAzin™ Systemic Insecticide is the only tree-injectable bioinsecticide labeled for use against a wide range of damaging insect pests, including emerald ash borer. Formulated with azadirachtin, a natural extract of the neem tree seed, TreeAzin™ is the only product of its kind with an Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing.
TreeAzin™ is intended for use with tree injection devices to manage insect pests of forests, trees and landscape ornamentals in woodlot, urban and residential environments. It is an anti-feedant and growth disruptor labeled for use against the following pests:
Emerald Ash Borer
Gypsy Moth
Birch Leafminer
Spruce Budworm
Jack Pine Budworm
Tent Catepillars
Although TreeAzin™ works best as a preventative tool used in advance of an insect infestation, the product can also be used at the early stages of an outbreak and will provide protection for two years with just one application. Research has shown that very low doses of TreeAzin™ inhibit larval development and prevent adult emergence of emerald ash borer, as well as reduce the number of eggs laid and those that hatch.
In 2009, BioForest Technologies Inc., a pest management consulting company, entered into an agreement with J.J. Mauget Co., the pioneer and leader in micro-infusion tree care. In accordance with the partnership, Mauget will serve as the sole U.S. distributor of TreeAzin™ Systemic Insecticide.
While TreeAzin™ is distributed by Mauget, the product retains its BioForest Technologies label. The product is currently available in one-liter bottles for use in liquid reloadable injection systems.