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Netafim Techline CV dripline

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Netafim Ltd July 1, 2013


FRESNO, CA - With built-in check valves in each emitter to prevent low head drainage, Netafim Techline CV dripline offers a water-saving solution for irrigating landscapes with elevation changes, such as slopes and low lying areas.
Techline CV check valves hold back up to 4.6’ of water, which means water stays in the tubing when the irrigation is turned off and does not flow down to lower elevations.
            With check valves, Techline CV emitters turn on and off at the same time, balancing the irrigation coverage. Dripline systems without check valves can lose up to 1.3 gallons of water per 100 feet, resulting in plant damage or slippery surfaces.
Netafim Techline CV offers the widest range of emitter flow rates (0.26, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.9 GPH) to match the absorption rates of various soil types.
            Techline dripline is used to irrigate turf, shrubs, trees and flower beds, and can be installed in landscapes, sports fields, tennis courts, golf courses and more. Netafim CV dripline is also applicable when irrigating vertical installations, including green walls and hanging gardens.
cluding hydrometers, low volume control zone kits, filters, valves, water meters, point source emitters and more.
The company is based in Fresno, CA, and is a global leader in the research and manufacture of low volume irrigation solutions for landscape and agriculture.  Millions of miles of Netafim dripline have been installed worldwide. 

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