Bull Hog HDT Rotor System

Bull Hog HDT Rotor System

November 16, 2009


Mulcher Tillers

Fecon Bull Hog's are now available with the new HDT rotor system. The efficient shape of the new tool bodies, stronger tool holder design, and a staggered tool pattern all add to excellent mulching performance. In some models a patented step-tool pattern is also available. The improved efficiency of the rotor enables more production for the same horse power while maintaining maximum durability to improve production levels. With all of these new elements combined the Bull Hog HDT offers optimal cutting efficiency.

Fecon’s HDT rotor system can also be equipped with four different tool options including three unique carbide options and a knife tool that allows contractors to quickly configure their mulcher to diverse conditions.  Standard dual-carbide tools provide the greatest all-around reliability and performance for most contractors. Narrow single carbides deliver a faster cut with carbide durability and coarser finish. The stone tools provide the greatest durability and wear characteristics against rock and abrasion. The knife provides the greatest production capability for jobs with low risk of rock or highly abrasive conditions.