Hard Pad Tracks

Hard Pad Tracks

February 15, 2010

CE Attachments


CEAttachments, Inc., a global supplier of attachments for compact equipment, announces the addition of New Grouser Hard Pad Tracks to their lineup of over-the-tire tracks for skid steer loaders. 
The New Grouser Hard Pad Tracks work well in sandy soil and other slippery conditions due to snow, mud and rain.  These new tracks have wider pads for improved floatation, reducing ground pressure by as much as 50%.

Features of these new Hard Pad Tracks include 5-in. wide pads for increased floatation and better tire protection than open-track styles.  Large 1-1/4-in. diameter hardened bushings and ¾-in. thick links provide over eight times more wear volume.  Two large tire traction bars improve the track-to-tire grip, and triple-ground engaging bars give you superior traction with two times more wearable material.

The carriage bolt design allows for quick and easy installation, approximately 30 minutes to install and approximately 10 minutes to remove.  The contoured tire guide is designed for today’s heavy-duty tires and the large open side plate is easy to clean out the pivot area. 

The new Grouser Hard Pad Tracks are available to fit 10 in. and 12 in skid steer tires and complete the lineup of over-the-tire tracks including Crossbar and Soft Pad Tracks also offered by CEAttachments.

See the new Grouser Hard Pad Tracks, along with any of the other tracks on the website at www.ceattachments.com.