Power Lok

Power Lok

June 25, 2013

CORE Outdoor Power

Turf Maintenance Hedge Trimmers Pruning Tools Powered

Power Lok provides landscapers with innovative and adaptive products that are professional quality with the convenience of interchangeable attachments that can trim grass, cut hedges and blow leaves and debris.

The Drive Unit provides the power as well as the intelligence to efficiently control each motorized attachment. Upon connection, Power Lok’s exclusive Intelligent Electronic Control instantaneously recognizes the attachment and communicates operational instructions to the powerful CORE motor, ensuring optimum performance, and functionality.
Power Lok employs the same proven Conductor Optimized Rotary Energy, or CORE technology used in their popular dedicated unit line. This revolutionary motor technology produces the highest energy factor per pound of any existing motor at a fraction of the size and weight. In addition, Power Lok delivers maximum, GasLess power through a rechargeable, high-energy power cell.
CORE’s products are lightweight, virtually noiseless and completely emission-free.