Disarm M - Fungicide

Disarm M - Fungicide

August 23, 2009

Arysta Life Science North America LLC


DISARM M is a broad spectrum dual action fungicide from Arysta LifeSciences that controls diseases on turf.


DISARM M Combines Two Modes of Systemic Activity to Control all Major Foliar Diseases in Cool and Warm Season Turf in One Convenient Product.

DISARM M combines the preventive activity of fluoxastrobin and myclobutanil, a demethylation inhibitor (DMI) that provides both curative and preventive performance, for two modes of systemic activity. DISARM M penetrates and migrates throughout leaf tissue and into the root zone to stop and prevent further disease. Two modes of activity enables DISARM M to control multiple diseases, while also optimizing resistance management.

Two modes of proven systemic activity for control of all major diseases in one convenient premix product.

University trials and use in golf and lawn turfgrass of both fluoxastrobin and myclobutanil, the two active ingredients in DISARM M, have shown exceptional systemic disease control on a broad spectrum of all major turfgrass diseases, including:

Anthracnose Powdery Mildew 
Brown Patch

Pythium Blight, Root Rot, Damping Off

Copper Spot  Red Thread
Dollar Spot  Rust 
Fairy Ring Southern Blight
Fusarium Patch Spring Dead Spot
Gray Leaf Spot  Summer Patch
Leaf Spot Take-All Patch 
Melting Out Waitea Patch
Snow Mold  Zoysia Patch


The unique DISARM M formulation optimizes both active ingredients:

  •  for maximum control and efficient spray application and turf plant coverage. Plus, the DISARM M formulation has exceptional tank-mix compatibility and stability with other products. DISARM M is available in 64 oz. containers for convenient storage and application. 

DISARM M fits perfectly in spring weather applications:

  • providing effective control of major foliar diseases in June on Bentgrass, Kentucky bluegrass and annual bluegrass (Poa annua) turf, including Anthracnose, Dollar Spot and Summer
  • Patch, plus Brown Patch, Gray Leaf Spot, Pythium, Red Thread, Snow Mold, Spring Dead Spot, Take-all Patch, Zoysia Patch and many other problem diseases.


DISARM M can also be applied effectively in the fall, either in early fall overseeding operations in cool-season and dormant warm-season turfgrass, or later in northerly climate snow mold applications during October – December.

DISARM M features an advanced polymeric formulation that is designed to optimize both ingredient rates and ensure the most efficient spray application, turf plant coverage and disease control efficacy. This unique formulation has exceptional tank-mix compatibility and stability with other products. DISARM M is available in a 64 oz. container for convenient transport, storage and application.

How The Two Complementary Modes of Systemic Activity Work:

DISARM M Fungicide works by interfering with respiration and cell wall synthesis in plant-pathogenic fungi, and is a potent inhibitor of spore germination and mycelial growth. 

Both of the active ingredients, fluoxastrobin and myclobutanil, move rapidly into plant tissue via translaminar movement and are rainfast in as little as fifteen minutes after application.  Roots of plants also take up the active ingredients where it is translocated throughout the xylem of plants to provide internal inhibition of fungal growth and protect the plant from new infections.