Garden Collection by Stone Forest

Garden Collection by Stone Forest

November 4, 2009

Stone Forest
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New contemporary, traditional and Asain-inspired designs for fine living.

Wabi Stone Oil Lamp: Stone Forest’s Wabi Stone Oil Lamp brings instant ambiance to garden settings without breaking the bank. These solid granite lamps feature a removable top and hollow interior for oil. Wick included.

Helios Fire Vessel: After years of designing water features, Stone Forest now presents the granite fire vessel, which takes the tradition of sitting around the fire to a whole new level. Their sleek, functional designs are hand carved from solid granite and shed a new light on mainstream fire vessel design. The Helios Fire Vessel, which is hand carved in blue-gray granite, features a bowl-shaped vessel with a rough exterior that sits atop a
pedestal. Customized gas kits are available through Stone Forest (not for use with wood fires).

The Old World Collection: Antique columns and urns, wrought iron railings, topiaries and finials are just a few of the pieces that lend age to a new garden. However, to really complete the look - every traditional English garden, Spanish courtyard and French villa needs a fountain as its focal point. Stone Forest’s Old World Collection features several vintage-style fountains, which provide the perfect accent to everything from the Victorian to the English manor. These are the type of fountains best used amongst formal terraces and layered hedges to create an established, romantic and radiant outdoor setting. Stone Forest’s Provencal Fountain is typical of an 18th Century watering trough and adds stately elegance and ambiance to any outdoor space. It is available in two pieces at 36” tall or in three pieces at 60” tall. For larger outdoor areas, their French Rosette Fountain is hand carved from solid rose granite and is made up of 12 separate pieces of granite, which should be assembled and joined by a stone epoxy. Other fountains in their Old World Collection include the Alpine Planter and classic Three Tier Fountain
with pool surround.

Custom Work: Stone Forest has been creating custom designs for residential and commercial projects for 20 years. Their ability to collaborate with homeowners, designers, landscapers and architects to execute quality custom work is without parallel. Their Custom Diamond Fountain and Custom Trough Fountain are just two of an extensive collection of designs that were custom crafted for special use.

Basins: Stone Forest has been hand carving traditional Japanese basins for 20 years. Their Lotus Basin, Tetsubachi Basin and Coin Basin showcase beautiful traditional Japanese designs, which can be used with a bamboo spout as seen in the gardens of Japanese tea houses.