GeyserStop Valve

GeyserStop Valve

November 16, 2009

Irrigation Controllers


1. Innovation:
The GEYSER STOP! Valve (GS) is an automatic shut-off valve for sprinkler systems. The valve attaches to the existing system between the water supply line and the sprinkler head. When the sprinkler head or riser is broken away (due to some trauma, for example, a vehicle or other landscaping or maintenance equipment accidentally impacting the head or the riser), the valve is automatically activated and stops the flow of water at the broken head. The Geyser Stop! Valve consists of a tubular body equipped with an internally positioned ball bearing, (please see attached figures).
2. Water, Energy, and Environmental Benefits:
The Geyser Stop! Valve saves water and prevents erosion, runoff, associated property damage, storm drain contamination, storm drain silting and downstream non-point source pollution. The Geyser Stop! Saves downstream energy that would have to be used for reclamation, contamination prevention, and pollution abatement. Use of the GS maintains embedded energy in the water delivery system by maintaining the necessary back-pressure in the system. This back pressure saves upstream energy that would be used to pump out water through the broken sprinkler.

3. Applicability:
Installing this product is a simple retrofit project for existing irrigation systems. In sprinkler systems without the Geyser Stop! Installed, when a sprinkler head or riser is impacted and breaks, water flows freely out of the system until the break is discovered and repaired, this is known as a geyser. Most sprinkler systems are set on automatic timers and set to run at night, making detection of broken sprinkler heads difficult. Many breaks go undetected for days, even weeks, resulting in hundreds and thousands of gallons of wasted water in each system. Often, sprinkler systems experience such failures multiple times in a year, resulting in billions of gallons of wasted water each year state-wide. The California Department of Water Resources, the Metropolitan Water District, the San Diego County Water Authority, and a variety of other organizations across the western United States have recently acknowledged the importance of outdoor water conservation. The recent drought years and the current water crisis in several states have made water conservation a hot topic and the focus has shifted from indoor conservation to outdoor conservation. The Geyser Stop! represents a way to keep lawns green and maintain environmental stewardship through loss control.

4. Readiness to Proceed:
WaterSav Enterprises has conducted the necessary research and development associated with this product and its potential use by the full range of commercial and residential consumers. The Geyser Stop! Valve is patented at the United States Patent and Trademark Office and internationally under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. Our manufacturing facility can complete all tooling required for any application in approximately two weeks, first article approval can occur at approximately three weeks, and the first deliveries can be scheduled shortly thereafter.

Major Benefits of Using the Geyser Stop! Auto Shut Off Valve

• Eliminates water waste.

• Eliminates runoff.

• Eliminates erosion.

• Reduces non-point source pollution.

• Reduces the possibility of property damage from runoff and erosion.

• Maintains water pressure in the sprinkler system, allowing normal operation of the remaining sprinkler heads and proper irrigation in the intended areas.

• Maintains upstream embedded energy in the water delivery system.

• Reduces demand for energy required to reclaim, treat, or otherwise deal with runoff.