Gordon's ImidiPro Systemic Insecticide

Gordon's ImidiPro Systemic Insecticide

June 22, 2010

PBI Gordon



ImidiPro from PBI Gordon is formulated for control of most major turfgrass and ornamental chewing and sucking insect pests. For optimum control, apply ImidiPro as a soil spray, injection or drench. ImidiPro can be used on golf courses and other sports turf sites, institutional grounds, parks and recreation areas and in commercial and residential turf and landscape sites and in turf production. ImidiPro may also be used to protect interiorscapes, and residential pome fruit trees, pecan trees and grapes.

ImidiPro Systemic Insecticide contains imidacloprid, the active ingredient used in Merit®. ImidiPro is a 2 lb. flowable formulation packaged in a convenient 20 oz.bottle, each of which treats one acre of turfgrass.

ImidiPro has proven broad-spectrum efficacy against white grubs, billbugs, weevils, cutworms, chinch bugs and mole crickets in turfgrasses as well as aphids, Japanese beetles, leafminers, sawfly larvae, scales and whiteflies on ornamentals. ImidiPro has no known phytotoxicity on a wide range of ornamental plants. ImidiPro is also labeled for ant control.

For protection of ornamental trees, shrubs and flowers, ImidiPro can be applied as a soil drench or by soil injection. Foliar spray or soil broadcast spray are alternative options.

ImidiPro is a systemic insecticide that should be applied prior to infestation or at the first sign of insect activity. ImidiPro translocates through the leaf tissue into the plant via foliar applications. A much higher level of translocation occurs with drench or soil applications where ImidiPro moves from the roots upward into the plant; ImidiPro can translocate into a plant in as little as a few hours to several months depending on plant species, size and environmental conditions. Turfgrass applications require irrigation after application to move the product into the root zone of the target plants.

ImidiPro is labeled for use in commercial and residential cooland warm-season turfgrasses, including golf courses, home lawns, business and office complexes, multi-family residential complexes, parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, cemeteries, airports and sod farms. ImidiPro can also be used on commercial and residential landscapes, including interiorscapes.

  • Long-term residual white grub control
  • Proven efficacy on sucking and piercing insects
  • Protects both turf and ornamentals
  • CAUTION signal
  • Easy spray or drench application
  • Convenient 20-ounce package (treats one acre)
  • Low mammalian toxicity
  • Low environmental impact
  • Reduced-risk pesticide