Oscillating Underbody Scraper

Oscillating Underbody Scraper

January 8, 2014

Henderson Products Inc.

Snow Parts & Accessories

Countless municipalities and state agencies rely on snow plows, wings and underbody scrapers to clear roads during the winter. As winter passes these pieces of equipment are removed from the trucks and lie dormant until the next winter event arrives. One of Henderson’s initiatives is a deliberate focus on developing equipment capable of year round service.

Henderson is proud to announce the immediate availability of the Oscillating Underbody Scraper. Designed for year round use, this underbody scraper may never be removed from the truck once installed. Key features include: dual lifting cylinders, full reversing action and now dual oscillating cylinders. During the winter months our customers will enjoy the industry’s finest in snow and ice control. However, it’s the non-winter months that are about to change forever, for the better.

The oscillating cylinders provide the driver a way to control the blade’s pitch (up to 6° of tilt) and apply downward pressure at the same time. With all three functions working in unison this underbody scraper becomes a true road grader during non-winter months. Rebuild a road’s crown, reshape its shoulders, fill in potholes, correct washboarding or simply address irregularities in the road’s surface.