ROCKSTAR hitch mounted mud flap

ROCKSTAR hitch mounted mud flap

January 14, 2014

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Campers, boats and trailers are all significant investments. What is it worth to you to protect yours from damaging road debris? Avoid costly repairs and retain maximum resale value of your boat, camper or trailer by investing in ROCKSTAR hitch mounted mud flaps. Made model specific for the best possible fit, ROCKSTAR hitch mounted mud flaps contour to fit your truck’s bumper and act like a shield to deflect rocks and other road debris away from what you tow.

Why choose ROCKSTAR hitch mounted mud flaps?

Unique model specific design
-  Built-in stabilizer plate keeps the frame level with your bumper
-  Rubber capped spacers allow for easy receiver pin alignment
-  Rust-proof aluminum frame is available in two finishes, smooth or diamond plate
-  Friendly radius corners

Better rubber means better protection
-  1/2” thick rubber reduces sailing
-  Smooth surface minimizes ice and mud build-up
-  Rated to resist heat damage at temperatures up to 250°
-  Optional rubber lengths for custom sizing
-  Exhaust holes are designed to work with Dodge OEM dual exhaust

Easy to assemble, remove, and re-install
-  Easy to assemble with no drilling required
-  Attaches with an adjustable clamping system
-  Takes about 15 minutes to install
-  Convenient frame openings offer quick access to pin and wiring