Card Breaker System

Card Breaker System

January 23, 2014

Bandit Industries Inc.
Tree Chippers/Grinders

Bandit Industries now offers a Card Breaker System for hand-fed and whole tree drum-style chippers. The Card Breaker works similar to a screening system, restricting oversized material from exiting the machine. The system is optional for most Bandit drum-style chippers, creating an even higher quality wood chip that is well suited for use in expanding biomass energy markets.

“Chips of relatively uniform size and shape are much preferred for use in biomass fuel wood applications,” says Jason Morey, Bandit Industries sales manager. “By creating a better chip, our customers can have a better product to sell on the biomass fuel market.”

Bandit’s Card Breaker doesn’t subtract from Bandit chippers’ legendary throwing power – in fact, it benefits from it. Chips leave the drum at an incredible speed, with larger sized chips hitting the Card Breaker installed in the discharge. This breaks the chips down further, resulting in a more uniform chip ready for biofuel applications. The Card Breaker System functions without the need for additional chip accelerating devices, and overall machine production is unaffected.

At the most basic level, wood chips are being used in biomass boilers to produce both heat and power. These facilities can range in size from large regional power plants to small, single-home heating systems. Outside this scope, several companies are converting wood chips into a petroleum product that could one day be a commercially viable alternative to fossil fuels. All around the globe, people are turning to wood chips to either supplement energy production, or to outright replace it. The result is an industry that is rapidly expanding.

Many professionals using hand-fed chippers aren’t selling chips for biomass use. Just the opposite; they often have to pay to dispose of their chips.

“Bandit is already a leader when it comes to quality and uniformity of its chips,” says Christopher Smith, Bandit Industries marketing and communications director. “With our Card Breaker System, producers can make a higher quality product that can open up new revenue streams. Instead of paying to dump their chips, they could be getting paid for a valuable end product.”

Learn more about the Card Breaker and Bandit’s line of drum-style chippers and other wood processing machines at or by calling 1-800-952-0178.