FTX100 LGP Mulching Tractor

FTX100 LGP Mulching Tractor

February 8, 2012


Construction Equipment Tractors

Fecon is proud to introduce the new FTX100 LGP mulching tractor. Equipped with a 99hp Kubota V3800 engine this, tractor provides cutting power and traction capabilities for all job conditions. Though similar to the original FTX100 this machine boasts a heavier designed undercarriage. The FTX100 LGP offers both 16-inch and 20-inch track shoe options in single or triple grouser. These options allow the contractor to outfit the machine for rough terrain or soft ground conditions where a light footprint or reduced ground disturbance is important.

The 20-inch wide track option on the FTX100 LGP provides 4.4 psi ground pressure. Added value features on this purpose built tractor are ground clearance, tractive effort and durability. With the standard quick attach mounting system the FTX100 LGP can be equipped to utilize several forestry and construction attachments. Compact size and a weight of 14,950 lbs. allow for easy transport with mid-sized trucks.