Light Compaction Equipment

Light Compaction Equipment

March 12, 2012

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment LLC

Construction Equipment Compactors

Atlas Copco Construction Equipment has introduced their new full line of light compaction equipment. The complete range, which includes tampers, forward plates, forward and reversible plates, duplex rollers and trench compactors will be available through Atlas Copco’s existing dealer and distributor network in the United States.

The LT series of tampers are suitable for applications on both granular and cohesive soils, and features a low-emission, low-noise Honda 4-stroke engine. The patented, multifunctional B.E.S.T (Breather shut off, Electrical shut off, Shut off fuel and Throttle control) fuel tank ensures easy start up and optimal performance.

Forward plate
The LF series of forward plates is designed for compacting granular soils and asphalt. Designed to be an economical solution for small repair and maintenance work, the series also features a low-vibration handle to reduce operator fatigue.

Forward-reversible plate
The LG (gear) and LH (hydraulic) series of forward and reversible plates are an economical alternative to rollers. Designed to compact soil in areas like trenches and parking lots, they are also suitable for special applications like block paving and are also equipped with low vibration handles.