All-steel Professional Shovels

All-steel Professional Shovels

April 2, 2013

Corona Clipper
General Shovels

Corona’s new, all-steel professional shovels are constructed with an aerospace grade steel shaft and heavy duty, 12-gauge steel blade.

The line offers 14 models with long handle or D-grip options, in diamond, straight, and caprock blades, with a 1” or 4” blade lift. Reinforced end caps on long-handled versions offer tamping capability. In addition, it offers a unique wire and edging trencher used to install landscape lighting wire, edging and more.

A free rubber foot pad comes standard on most models to help protect the foot from undue stress and fatigue, while also protecting boot soles. It is attached to the left or right side of the blade depending on the user's preference. Weighing in at 6-8 pounds each, they're simply the toughest, earth-moving shovels on Earth.