Underhill Bubblers

Underhill Bubblers

April 15, 2011

Underhill International

Accessories Irrigation

A new series of pressure-compensating bubblers for low volume irrigation is now available from Underhill International for use on planting beds, shrubs, medians and other landscaped areas.    

The bubblers feature a unique self-sealing design that allows them to be installed without tephlon tape, saving time and material. They provide full-circle coverage and allow water output to remain constant, even with input pressures from 5 to 60 psi.

Two models are available: pre-set flow bubblers and adjustable flow bubblers. Pre-set flow bubblers have three rate options: .25 gpm (0,95 L/min); .50 gpm (1,9 L/ min); and 1.0 gpm (3,8 L/min).  Adjustable flow bubblers can be set from .10 to 1.0 gpm (0,38 to 3,8 L/min). They are both compatible with any ½” MIPT nipple or fitting.

A new Underhill shrub adapter is also available to work with any female-threaded spray or mini-rotor nozzle. 

Underhill features an expanding line of water-efficient irrigation products for landscapes, including Sapien 2Wire controllers, field decoders and programmers; AuditMaster sprinkler performance test kits; Pellet Pro and LiquidPro applicators; TurfSpy stress detection glasses; Magnum and Precision hose-end nozzles and more.