Medium-Duty Trip-Edge Plow

Medium-Duty Trip-Edge Plow

May 8, 2012

Henderson Products Inc.

Snow Plows

Henderson has developed the MTP, a true medium-duty trip-edge reversible plow. Key features are: multiple moldboard options (orange polymer, carbon steel or stainless steel), trip-edge with adjustable torsion springs, outboard reversing cylinders, level-lift, reinforced pivot points, electric or hydraulic cab control, quick connect/disconnect and ease of maintenance. Henderson delivers heavy-duty characteristics in this very versatile medium-duty snow plow.

The MTP’s trip-edge, outboard reversing cylinders and reinforced pivot points combine for performance outside the norm for medium-duty snow plows. Operators can still clear driveways, parking lots and cul-de-sacs. However, now they’ll also be able to assist with the clearing of streets and other major roadways.

The MTP’s level-lift feature incorporates the following: holds a level position throughout the reversing cycle, keeps the plow low and out of the operator’s line of vision (at all times) and holds the plow high enough to avoid digging into roadways while not in use.