Compact MLT 625 telescopic handler

Compact MLT 625 telescopic handler

May 16, 2011

Manitou North America Inc.

Attachments Skid-steers/construction

Manitou’s MLT 625 is a low-profile, compact telescopic handler that has a maximum lift height of 19’3” (5867 mm) and a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 pounds (2495 kg). The MLT 625 is able to gain access into low overhead buildings, garages and barns.

The compact design of the MLT 625 features an overall height of 6’7” (2000 mm) and a width of just under six feet (1819 mm).  This makes it easy for the MLT 625 to access even the smallest structures; including small storage buildings, greenhouses, and stables . The short turning radius of 10’ (3190 mm) enables it to maneuver into normally inaccessible spaces for handling hay, feed, seed and fertilizer;  animal care, harvesting work, and miscellaneous chores around the property.

The MLT 625 telescopic handler is loaded with performance features that are both powerful and efficient.  The powerful 75 HP turbo charged Kubota diesel engine coupled with a hydraulic gear pump results in a flow rate of 24 gallons (90 liters) per minute at a pressure of 3408 psi (235 bar).

The excellent hydraulic performance provides rapid response and quick work cycles.  The MLT 625 telescopic handler offers an ideal power-to-weight ratio and a flexible 2-speed hydrostatic transmission that results in less fuel consumption. It is equipped with 18” agricultural tires and boasts a ground clearance of 15” (378mm), allowing it to work easily on challenging jobsites and rough terrain.

The precise hydraulic system provides maximum operating efficiency with a wide variety of attachments. This versatility makes the MLT 625 universal to use in a variety applications.

The cab is ergonomic and comfortable, offering panoramic sightlines for increased safety and productivity. The operator compartment is also equipped with a dashboard with a digital display showing all the essential performance information. The insulation of the cab and engine compartment provides sound proofing with low sound levels of 76 dB.

The cab includes an intuitive and ergonomic “JSM” multi-function joystick control that allows the operator to control all drive and hydraulic functions with the right hand, leaving the left hand totally dedicated to steering, providing more precise control and convenience. An adjustable steering column with both tilt and height adjustability further enhances operator comfort and reduces operator fatigue.

The new Manitou MLT 625 telescopic handler continues the family tradition of innovation, comfort and performance customers expect from a Manitou.