Sno Blower Skid-Steer Attachments

Sno Blower Skid-Steer Attachments

July 19, 2011

Pro Tech

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Pro-Tech introduces two new Sno Blower skid-steer attachments as a complement to its line of Sno Pusher containment plows. The Sno Blowers are ideal for quickly moving large amounts of snow, especially when stacking or piling the snow is not an option. Popular applications include removing drifts and clearing large driveways or long stretches of pavement.

The Sno Blower line includes two models: The BL72S (74.5 inches wide by 38.5 inches high) and the BL78S (38.5 inches high by 80.5 inches wide). Both models feature a 20-inch fan diameter, a 14-inch auger diameter, and a maximum throwing distance of 40 feet. Because of universal coupler mounts, they easily attach to skid-steers from all major manufacturers.

Standard features include direct-drive hydraulic motors, 270-degree hydraulic chute rotation and mechanical deflector controls. The Sno Blowers also include adjustable velocity control plates for accommodating varying snow moisture levels and steel cutting edges for making clean passes.

Options include an electric control kit, which allows the operator to control various functions from the operator’s seat.