Self-sharpening Chainsaw

Self-sharpening Chainsaw

August 16, 2011

Tree & Ornamental Care Chainsaws

Efco is excited to announce a factory equipped self-sharpening chainsaws. Blount’s recently introduced PowerSharp system will be featured on three saws straight from the factory. The efco MT 3500, MT 3750, and the MT 4100 will now be even easier to use thanks to the self-sharpening system.

Instead of manually sharpening the chain on the saw or taking it to a dealer to sharpen it, simply attach the sharpener and press the tip to a solid surface for 3 to 5 seconds. The dull chain is sharpened that quickly.

Make sure to remove the sharpener from the end of the bar before resuming cutting.

Landscapers and arborists can work faster knowing that they aren’t being slowed down by dull chain.