Bradco Hardscape Grapple

Bradco Hardscape Grapple

October 17, 2013

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Introducing the new Bradco Hardscape Grapple by Paladin Attachments—the newest addition to Paladin’s extensive grapple selection. Designed to eliminate the back-breaking job of moving heavy hardscape materials from place to place. Mounted on skid steer loaders, compact tool carriers and compact tractors for quick and easy handling of materials such as concrete paver sections, small boulders and granite/limestone/concrete steps. Ideal for hardscape supply dealers, landscapers and property owners doing their own landscaping.

As a hydraulically-powered alternative to forks, pry bars and brute strength, the attachment’s grapple arms and rubber grips adjust automatically to the shape and contour of the material being grasped without additional positioning. For increased safety, a cylinder check valve prevents loss of clamping force even if the machine’s hydraulic power is lost. Users can also easily reach over other sections of materials for specific selection, or load and unload heavy hardscape materials from the bed of a trailer or truck. 

For easy storage, the Hardscape Grapple has a simple stand utilizing two steel tubes that have been integrated into the attachment and can be stored neatly in the quick attach when not in use. Weighing 175 lbs., this grapple attachment can lift up to 1,500 lbs. with a clamp force of 1,525 lbs. Designed with a grip range of 18 - 48 inches, a plunge depth minimum of 13 inches and a maximum reach of 14 inches the Hardscape Grapple is purpose-built with the landscaper and hardscape supply dealer in mind.