Sno-Pro Tractor Blades

Sno-Pro Tractor Blades

October 18, 2011

Curtis Industries
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Curtis Industries, LLC has introduced a new and improved line of Sno-Pro tractor blades that feature a no-weld design to simplify the process of attachment to the bucket loader arm. 

These new Sno-Pro tractor blades range from 5’ to 8’ and offer a full moldboard design that protects both operator and equipment.  The operator can choose between three mounting options: Skid Steer, John Deere Quick Attach or the new Bolt-On Pin Mount Bracket.

All blades feature center-punched cutting edges with high-carbon steel for maximum utility and extended usage.  The durable charcoal powder coat finish provides a superior non-stick surface so no material remains on the blade and requires less passes. Hydraulic cylinders provide over 30 degrees of left and right adjustment with mechanical stops.  Each blade includes high visibility plow markers and adjustable cast-iron skid shoes.