Turbine blower

Turbine blower

November 3, 2010

Grasshopper Co.

Blowers Turf Maintenance

Grasshopper turbine blowers clear debris from congested, hard-to-reach or wide-open areas and long stretches of walkways and curbs in a fraction of the time required by conventional backpack blowers and walk-behind units.

Significantly quieter than most debris blowers, turbine blowers offer 360-degree nozzle rotation – controlled remotely from the operator’s station – to direct airflow precisely for reduced high-volume cleanup time along walking paths and around sport facilities, parking lots, playgrounds and cemeteries.

By increasing productivity and decreasing labor, Turbine Blowers can have significant impact on the bottom line.

Learn how one contractor was able to save more than $11,000 at grasshoppermower.com/turbine.