High ‘N Slide Multi-Function Tailgate

High ‘N Slide Multi-Function Tailgate

November 5, 2010

Crysteel Mfg.

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LAKE CRYSTAL, Minn. – Crysteel Manufacturing has added the High ‘N Slide Multi-Function Tailgate as part of its Crysteel Select Dump Body program. The High ‘N Slide tailgate (patent pending) offers traditional dump-through, sliding, as well as high-lift functionality in a single tailgate. Through a simple mechanical adjustment, the tailgate switches from high-lift, with 21 inches of clearance, to sliding mode. Traditional dumpthrough is always available.

The high-lift mode is ideal for emptying large bulky items like riprap without damaging the tailgate, or for brush removal without having to lay the tailgate down. In sliding configuration, the tailgate allows users to control the metering of salt, sand, pea gravel and other materials. It also provides easy access to mulch, asphalt, etc., without raising the dump body when shovel loads are required.

The High ‘N Slide Tailgate is available through Crysteel’s Select Dump Body program. The Select body program allows end users to design a custom dump body without incurring the extra cost and leadtime normally associated with custom designed products.