Case CX B series compact excavators

Case CX B series compact excavators

November 29, 2010

Case Construction Equipment
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Case Construction Equipment’s CX B Series compact excavator line offers proportional auxiliary hydraulic control, swing tower foot pedal control and a 4-way dozer blade.

“Compact excavators excel at jobs in tight quarters such as foundation excavation for waterproofing, drain installation and repair,” said Curtis Goettel, marketing manager, Case Construction Equipment. “Landscapers use compact excavators extensively for installations of beds for trees, retaining walls, water features such as ponds and waterfalls and hardscapes such as walks and patios.”

He continued, “Compact excavators can fit in places where loader/backhoes and mid-sized excavators can't, and their rubber tracks provide very low ground pressure; so they won’t tear up the existing landscape.”

Available on the CX27B, CX31B, CX36B and CX50B, proportional auxiliary hydraulic control allows operators to regulate the hydraulic flow to attachments. This will control the speed of attachments for better handling and manipulation, enabling the operator to precisely control the closing speed of a thumb or grapple or the rotational speed of a rotator.

The swing tower foot pedal control allows for simultaneous function command over the swing tower and house. Operators will now be able to swing the tower and house at the same time, enabling them to quickly position the CX B Series compact excavators to dig parallel to buildings and other objects.

The proportional auxiliary hydraulic control and swing tower foot pedal control are also available as a dealer installation to retrofit existing machines in the field.

A 4-way blade, available on the CX31B, CX 36B and CX50B, offers increased productivity in trenching applications. Operators will be able to dig the trench and then angle the blade for quick backfilling of the trench without repositioning the machine multiple times.  

Case compact excavators are all zero tail swing configuration, making them useful in all applications, especially those that require digging in tight spaces. Case compact excavators are equipped with features like a standard feature control pattern selector valve, rubber tracks, pilot-operated hand controls and one-touch engine deceleration that give them operating smoothness and precision.

The full line of Case CX B Series compact excavators includes the CX17B, CX27B, CX31B, CX36B and CX50B. Case also offers a full range of excavators, including four minimum swing radius and nine standard excavators.