Legendary Building Series

Legendary Building Series

December 9, 2011

Legacy Building Solutions

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Legacy Building Solutions introduces its Legendary Building Series, which incorporates structural steel beams instead of open web trusses.

Legacy buildings are designed to resist corrosion with steel beams and polyethylene fabric roofs. A variety of PVC fabrics are also available. The durable fabric allows natural light to permeate the structure, while insulation can be added to meet energy codes when required.

The design offers flexibility and clearance for safe equipment operation. Tall peaks accommodate any pile height and provide enough space for tipping trucks to maneuver inside. The design can also be adjusted for stationary or portable applications. Sidewalls can be customized and built with any material, including steel, paneling or siding, and then lined with fabric for additional corrosion protection. Legacy steel components and fabric covers are backed by a 15-year warranty.

Legacy offers assistance from concept to completion, including renderings, foundation design, installation and project management. Legacy’s installation crews have constructed over 25 million square feet of fabric buildings.