FSeries TREE I.V. system

FSeries TREE I.V. system

April 10, 2017


Tree & Ornamental Care Tree Health Injection Systems

WOBURN, Mass. – Arborjet has announced its new FSeries TREE I.V. system, making micro-injection applications faster and easier. Designed for maximum speed, accuracy and ease, Arborjet’s FSeries dramatically reduces tree injection set-up and application time, and provides greater safety and flexibility for small or large jobs.

“We collaborated closely with our applicator partners to look at every detail of the treatment experience and make it as efficient, fast and flexible as possible,” said Russ Davis, president and COO, Arborjet. “Our customer input combined with our in-house engineering capability in 3D design and 3D scanning and printing has resulted in a product that we are incredibly proud to put our stamp on.”

The backbone of the new FSeries is its ability to inject up to 120 pounds per square inch (PSI), with the flexibility for users to select a bottle size that matches the volume needed. The higher pressure significantly reduces injection time and the choice of bottle size reduces the amount of air needed to pump into the bottle. Users now have a choice to use a 650 milliliter bottle or a 1.5 liter bottle for higher volume applications.

Another new feature is the fill port on the bottle cap, which allows the bottle to be filled without removing the cap assembly, improving speed and safety. The fill port accelerates the filling process, minimizes exposure and keeps the lines clean.

Integral to the system is Arborjet’s Hex PDS (Parallel Distribution System). A center reservoir inside the aluminum Hex PDS manifold distributes the fluid evenly into as many as six injection ports off of one hub. The Hex PDS also has a built in expansion port, and ports five and six are flexible and can be plugged in or left off with no tools needed. The ends of the lines include a ¼ turn ball valve for quick open and close, and the main cap has a master needle valve for added safety that opens and closes in as little as three turns.

For more information, please visit www.arborjet.com.