Dry Crumbles

Dry Crumbles

May 30, 2017


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PHOENIX, Ariz. – Dry Crumbles 6-10-1 + 10% Ca from BioFlora contains a blend of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium that quickly greens turf – as does most turf fertilizers. But Dry Crumbles is an organic, coarse-grade dry fertilizer formulated to include critical (and often overlooked) slow-release nutrients required for building healthier, more attractive and vibrant lawns throughout the year.

Turf grasses require a minimum of 16 different nutrients for normal development, according to Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. The college says the lack of even one mineral, such as calcium, can limit plant growth. BioFlora incorporates high levels of this essential mineral and other minor and trace minerals into its Dry Crumbles formula. While the nitrogen goes to work immediately, these extra nutrients release over time, broken down by the soil’s microorganisms. In this way, the turf receives the continuing nourishment it needs to thrive throughout the entire growing season.

"Something else that sets Dry Crumbles apart is the inclusion of enhanced humic acid, a source of soil-building carbon," said Stephen P. Pavich, senior plant nutritionist at BioFlora. "The carbon-based granules help improve the soil structure and its workability, and permit the soil to hold more water for an extended period of time."

Dry Crumbles is an organic fertilizer, derived from completely composted poultry manure, organic acids and trace minerals. Using Dry Crumbles eliminates the risk of toxic metals or sodium buildup in the soil, keeping it healthier and more fertile for continued turf growth.

Landscape turf professionals and home owners can apply Dry Crumbles throughout the year:

  • Early spring - promotes winter recovery and early greening
  • Late spring - encourages nutrient feeding through the root system
  • Summer - maintains turf color and vigor
  • Late summer - thickens lawns and provide essential nutrients for plant’s continued health
  • Fall - promotes sustained root growth to hedge against winter diseases

Maintaining thick, healthy-looking turf throughout the growing season is essential for anyone responsible for athletic fields, parks, golf courses and similar venues. When turf professionals select BioFlora’s Dry Crumbles, they can feel confident that they are choosing the standout product that will give their turf all of the nutrients that it needs to thrive long term.

Dry Crumbles are earth, people and pet friendly.

Dry Crumbles and other BioFlora products are available at select nurseries and garden stores throughout Arizona, Illinois and Iowa and are coming soon to more states in the southwest and midwest regions.