B'laster professional-grade greases

B'laster professional-grade greases

November 7, 2017

Blaster Corporation

Maintenance Shop & Tools Lubricants

B’laster now offers a full line of professional-grade traditional greases including the PB Penetrating Grease. This product combines the Original PB B’laster with a high-quality synthetic grease.

Other professional-grade greases include:

Extra Tacky Red Grease: A Lithium Complex grease, this general-purpose product delivers high-pressure and high-temperature protection.

Pro-Grade Multi-Purpose Grease: This Lithium Complex grease offers general purpose lubrication for a wide variety of routine applications.

Waterproof Marine Grease: Designed for the wettest environments, this Calcium Sulfonate grease offers long-lasting lubrication and is virtually waterproof.

Maximum Heavy-Duty Grease: This Calcium Sulfonate grease contains extreme pressure additives to protect in severe operating conditions.

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