DrumQuik for GoatThroat pump system

DrumQuik for GoatThroat pump system

September 27, 2017


General Pumps

The DQGT Pump System was jointly developed by GoatThroat Pumps and Colder Products Company.

Features include:

  • Pre-installed, single-use, dip-tube assembly
  • Can be used for extraction of more than 1,300 chemincals
  • Precision fluid delivery from slow (1ML/1 oz.) to up to 4.5 gallons per minutes.
  • Drip-proof tap to prevent leaks
  • Air pressure dispensing system for complete drainage in a safe, upright position.
  • The pump comes with EPDM seals for general-purpose liquids and Viton seals for more aggressive chemicals and solvents.