Urban Forestry Unit

Urban Forestry Unit

October 6, 2017


Tree & Ornamental Care Bucket Lifts Trucks and trailers

The overall weight of the urban Forestry Unit will decrease by around 1,000 pounds with the addition of the new aluminum chipper box. The new aluminum box from Voth Truck body is now available as an option on all new Urban Forestry Units.

  • The Class 5 bucket truck with a chipper box is able to reach up to 50 feet.
  • The lift, previously only available with a steel box, is now available with an aluminum chipper box making the overall weight of the truck just over 15,500 pounds.
  • The Urban Forestry unit features a seven cubic yard capacity box that can haul wood chips from the worksite. The chipper box, with hydraulic cylinder lift, allows for easy dumping.
  • The basket rotates 180 degrees and includes a four axis single hand joystick at the upper control. You can access the basket from ground level so there is no need to store the basket on top of the cab protector until its time to move to the next work site.

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