Flex-Tube PU Hose

Flex-Tube PU Hose

July 16, 2012


General Hoses

A flexible polyurethane hose that provides a lightweight alternative to conventional heavier hoses used in long lengths for bark mulch blowing applications is available from Flexaust.

Flex-Tube PU Outdoor Transfer Hose is a coextruded all plastic hose that features urethane construction with a smooth interior and a drag-resistant spiral ABS helix wear strip. Easier for workers to handle in long lengths than conventional hose, it is 80 percent lighter (4” hose is 0.75 lbs./ft.) and 33 percent more flexible (6” CL bend radius), making it ideal for blowing bark mulch.

Available in standard 4”, 5” and 6” I.D. sizes and 50’, 75’ and 100’ lengths, Flex-Tube PU Outdoor Transfer Hose is clear with a yellow helix. Operating over a -40°F to 200°F range, this urethane bark mulch blowing hose remains flexible in colder temperature for early spring and late fall clean-ups. OEM color matching of the wear strip and cuffs are optional.