Pin-on coupler

Pin-on coupler

April 21, 2017

Snow & Ice Management

ROCHESTER, N.Y. – Pro-Tech Manufacturing and Distribution, Inc. has announced that its Turf Pusher product line will now come standard with a pin-on coupler design.

The Turf Pusher, a containment plow designed for clearing snow from turf sports fields was launched several years ago and became popular with high schools, colleges and professional sports teams.

This new pin-on coupler design will give customers increased versatility by allowing them to swap out different coupler plates to adapt to the required prime mover. Customers simply remove several locking pins on the rear of the Turf Pusher and switch out the coupler plate. This feature replaces the previous fixed-coupler design that was welded to the Turf Pusher's chassis.

"This new feature benefits both our dealers and customers," said Jered Shuknecht, Pro-Tech director of marketing. "If the need to use different makes and models of compact machines arises, customers are now only required to swap the coupler plate instead of an entire plow. This will also allow dealers to quickly adapt their Turf Pusher inventory to the customer's coupler requirements."

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