Pivoting V3Flex Plane

Pivoting V3Flex Plane

June 7, 2012

Grouser Products

Skid-steers/construction Attachments

Grouser Products introduces the new V3 FlexPlane, the manufacturer’s latest in a series of heavy duty, contractor-grade attachments. Grouser’s patent-pending V3 FlexPlane is designed to attach to any make and model of skid steer, making it the universal tool for any landscaping job. .

Featuring a unique pivoting action, the heavy-duty V3 FlexPlane features a versatile self-adjusting blade that rotates to contour to the ground, continually adjusting for uneven ground and providing maximum efficiency in any terrain. The contouring action prevents floating empty and conversely eliminates the issue of corners digging in to high spots in the planing surface. If the application doesn’t require the mechanics of the V3 FlexPlane’s pivoting action, it can simply be locked in place and used as a standard, rigid plane.

The V3 FlexPlane features two double-beveled hardened cutting edges. The cutting edges provide both aggressive cutting action and smooth leveling in both forward and reverse directions. A special Cross Crumbler Beam knocks even tough earth into manageable dirt, enabling the V3 FlexPlane to tackle the most challenging terrain. Large, stationary rear side plates allow the attachment to move more dirt than other models, while self-correcting springs enhance ease of operation.

The V3 FlexPlane is offered in five models of varying length. Available sizes are 72-, 78-, 84-, 89-, and 96-inch.