March 29, 2017

General Hand Tools

Re-Grip, is a new, user-friendly product for anything that needs a comfortable and safe grip – simply add or replace a grip to any tool, handle or lever in just three steps. It can be placed on items such as shovels, garden hoe, wheelbarrow, jackhammers, etc. to avoid hand blisters and discomfort..

Click here for a quick ‘How-to-apply’ tutorial.

Below is a brief list of all the different uses for Re-Grip.

Landscaping: wheelbarrow, garden shear, bow rake, axe, weed and root remover, garden hoe, square/round nose shovel

Home improvement: screwdriver, wrench, fireplace tools, tile cutter, hammer, drywall pole sander, coping saw, pry bar, paint roller

Kitchen: cookware

Cleaning: push broom, mop

Beauty: curling iron, hairbrush

Automotive: motorcycle handles, lifting lever, floor jack, t-handle spinner

Sporting goods: badminton and tennis racket, bicycle handles, golf club, baseball bat, fishing gaff, ping pong paddle

Industrial Tools: chisel, crow bar, dolly handle, post hole digger, tree felling-lever, mallet, hatchet, sledge hammer

Misc.: wheelchair handles, flashlight, rope, barbeque tool set

Re-Grip is also a 2017 Edison Award finalist in the consumer goods/tool category. It is available online at major retailers, including Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart.