BC1800XL brush chipper

BC1800XL brush chipper

October 2, 2017


Tree Chippers/Grinders

The BC1800XL gas chipper is outfitted with a 165 hp (123 kW) PSI 5.7 L gas engine and can handle logs up to 18 inches (45.7 cm) in diameter. The onboard Vermeer SmartFeed control system helps maximize the chipper’s performance by monitoring engine rpm’s, sensing jams and automatically stopping or reversing the rollers. The unit’s vertical feed rollers with helical cleats are designed to hold material firmly, to minimize vibration, shock and structural loading to the rear of the machine.

The BC1800XL gas chipper comes with the Vermeer Ecoldle engine control system that automatically lowers the engine speed when material is not being fed into the chipper and increases speed when new material is added.

The Vermeer Tree Commander remote control comes standard with the BC1800XL gas brush chipper.The operator can control all functions via the remote. The remote can either attach to the user’s belt or be mounted directly onto the operator’s station of a Vermeer mini skid steer.

The BC1800XL gas chipper’s feed table measures 67-inch (170.2 cm) wide. There is a four-position upper feed control bar mounted over the feed table. A bottom feed stop bar disables hydraulic flow to the feed rollers when contact is made.

An optional 150-foot (45.7 m) winch to aid with moving larger logs is also available on the BC1800XL gas chipper.

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